Home Irrigation, Evolved.  Spruce Smart Irrigation Controller and Spruce Moisture Sensor

Time for an upgrade

Meet Spruce

A 16 zone irrigation controller with more functionality than any irrigation controller you've ever seen before. Spruce Smart Irrigation Controller 16 zone

and the Spruce Sensor

A moisture sensor that makes sure that you only water when you need to, and for as long as you need to. Spruce Moisture Sensor

Together with SmartThings

Spruce is designed for SmartThings to connect to your home automation network, the Internet and weather predictions.

Take the guesswork out of watering

With Spruce soil moisture sensors

Spruce Sensors show when and how long to water, by providing real-time soil moisture data. Water only when you need it, for as long as you need it. Install up to 16 Spruce Sensors so that Spruce can independently customize the schedule for all of your 16 zones.

Forget Scheduling

Spruce and SmartThings all work together to make informed decisions so you don't have to. Water only when you need it, for as long as you need it - automatically. 

Spruce optimizes your watering schedule - season to season, week to week, and even day to day. Watering events and duration are adjusted based on real-time soil moisture levels and weather prediction.

Smart Home, Meet Your Smart Yard

Expand the boundaries of your smart home to include your smart garden! Being connected to SmartThings means that Spruce is fully integrated into your smart home. Put the Spruce into your IFTTT mix, and the possibilities are endless!

On top of that, you can also check up on your garden while you are away on vacation through the SmartThings app.

Goodbye Overwatering, Hello Water Savings

Saving water has never been so easy. Spruce customizes your garden's watering schedule to fit your garden's needs. Spruce uses both soil moisture sensors and weather/evapotranspiration prediction to save up to 60% of water usage compared to a conventional timer-based schedule.

Not allowed to water on Tuesdays, even days, between the hours of 8:35 AM to 4:40 PM, or on president's birthdays? No problem, Spruce accomodates for your local restrictions on water usage.
Spruce conserves water by using a combination of weather prediction and Soil Moisture Sensors
Spruce saves up to 60% of water usage, with no time spent on the schedule