Spruce and Spruce Sensors work together to optimize irrigation and sprinkler scheduling

Installation in minutes

Stick Spruce Sensors into the ground

Install your sprinkler valve wires for each zone

Download the Spruce SmartApp in SmartThings

Full Feature List

Moisture Sensors
Spruce Sensors provide soil moisture data so that you'll water only when you need to, for as long as you need to.

Weather Prediction

Spruce downloads weather information for the next few days to make your water schedule as efficient as possible.
Smart Scheduling
Spruce combines both real time moisture sensor data and weather predictions to automatically calculate the best schedule for your garden.
Landscape Type Adjustments
Different landscapes have their feeding personalities, be it short and frequent, or long and sparse. Spruce will schedule each zone accordingly.
Seasonal Adjustments
Don't waste water in the winter - Spruce will adjust watering levels based on the time of year, automatically.
Manual Scheduling
Keep it old school if you want to. In manual mode, Spruce will water on the days and times that you designate. Or, toggle your irrigation system at the touch of a button.
Access via Smartphone or Tablet
Control Spruce and get push notifications via any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
One-button setup makes installation a breeze. Then, just select one of the preset modes and Spruce will schedule automatically.
Designed for SmartThings
Spruce is designed for SmartThings from the ground up, enabling your garden to integrate into your home network.